Residential Water Meters


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Residential Water Meters deals with the measurement of domestic and commercial water consumption, it is our duty to make it easy for you to conserve daily use of water. Quantity of water what you use shows the responsibility you have towards future generation and to society. Residential Water Meters is highly accurate for residential applications. This meter is compatible with LOT and is protected with IP-68

In Residential Water Meters Valve, We can control ON/OFF and similarly we can schedule this with date and time

Residential Water meters are intended to meet those prerequisites, while driving precision and income. Your decision in a water metering arrangements tallies – look over the many Badger Meter contributions to discover an answer that meets your particular needs.

Residential Water meters Improves operational productivity and client administration and Diminishes non-income water estimating stream rates as low as .1-.3 gpm .Diminishes support and cost Introduces on a level plane, vertically or corner to corner Anticipates expulsion and altering endeavors to acquire freewater . Distinguishes framework spills ,Permits remote administration, observing and conclusion .Gathers and logs framework and client information.

Where to discover your Residential water meter

Residential Water meters can be introduced in different areas. Run of the mill areas incorporate the storm cellar, lobby storage room, or in a meter pit in your yard. They ought to be introduced in a warm, dry spot, shielded from drafts and the virus. In the event that you can not find your meter, if it’s not too much trouble to get in touch with us, and we will help you.

Programmed meters are utilized and enable meters to be perused without venturing foot on private property. The new meters have diminished assessed peruses and expanded efficiencies.

How to peruse your meter

Perusing your water meter is like perusing the odometer in your vehicle. Peruse every one of the numbers from left to right. Try not to incorporate the numbers after the decimal point or the numbers with a dark foundation. Submeters are perused similarly.

1)Simple Maintenance.
2)Valve Control
3)Leak Alerts
4)Residential Water Meters will be Measured in single App.
5)Real time reading
6)Consumption history of water for past 12 months

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with graph view.
7)Pay exact amount of money to the exact volume of water you use.
8)Residential Water Meters as Long battery life.