Domestic Household Water Meters


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Domestic Household Water Meters deals with the measurement of domestic and commercial water consumption, it is our duty to make it easy for you to conserve daily use of water. Quantity of water what you use shows the responsibility you have towards future generation and to society. Domestic Household Water Meters is highly accurate for residential applications. This meter is compatible with LOT and is protected with IP-68.

In Domestic Household Water Meters Valve, We can control ON/OFF and similarly we can schedule this with date and time.

With our engaged methodology towards consumer loyalty, we have been considered as one of the principal producers and exporters of Domestic Household Water Meters. Broadly introduced in household water supply frameworks to gauge the weight stream of water, these meters are exceptionally exact in their readings. Incorporated with most recent innovation, all these water meters are accessible with us in unmistakable models. Produced using ensured nature of segments and sensors, these Domestic Household Water Meters are solid in quality.

Domestic Household Water Meters pits ought to likewise have a channel or a sump siphon if a channel is beyond the realm of imagination. There ought to never be standing water in a meter pit or then again well. Domestic Household Water Meters establishment is simpler with a meter burden (otherwise called a meter setter). Meter burdens have various setups and can have any blend of worked within proper limits valves, controllers, and lockable shut off valves. Utilities ought to have their very own set particulars with delineations portraying appropriate meter establishments. the volume of completed water it puts out. They help in the discovery of holes and waterline breaks in the circulation framework. A framework without meters resembles a taxi without a toll counter.

Inferable from our ability in this area of mixing predominant Industrial and Domestic Household Water Meters, we can offer an unrivaled quality range which are best in market with phenomenal highlights and prevalent quality. The Customization of our items are done according to the requests of clients with our high-grade laborers and solid specialists. Besides, we ensure that the quality check is finished with amazing completing and zero imperfections at supporters premises on schedule.

1)Simple Maintenance.
2)Valve Control
3)Leak Alerts
4)Domestic Household Water Meters will be Measured in single App.
5)Real time reading
6)Consumption history of water for past 12 months with graph view.
7)Pay exact amount of money to the exact volume of water you use.
8)Domestic Household Water Meters as Long battery life.