Apartments with Smart Water Meters can Save More than 35%.
Many Research's has proven that water consumption drops by upto 35% after start metering.
STOP Paying for your Neighbours Water Bills By Using WATFLUX
Most communities do not have option to meter the water consumption of residents individually. Now We are are charged at a fixed rate and here is the chance of paying for neighbours consumption too.
Hassel Free Installation
Watflux Smart Water Meters are installed at every inlet point. Every drop of water consumption will be recorded and notified to customer. Hassel Free Instalation

How Watflux Works?

  • Installation

    Watflux Water Meter will be installed at every inlet

  • Bill Generation

    Bill will be generated for every month for the exact volume of water you use.

  • Get Water Reading through Watflux App

    For every 5 liters of water usage, Your Water usage Reading will be updated. You can check live Water Usage Reading through App.

  • Bill Payment

    By using Watflux you can avoid paying for your Neighbours water usage. Pay “Exact Amount” for the “Exact Volume” of water you use.

WATFLUX Acheivements

0 Litres measured
0 Leakage alerts
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Think While You Use Water !!

Watflux deals with the measurement of domestic and commercial water consumption, it is our duty to make it easy for you to conserve daily use of water.

Quantity of water what you use shows the responsibility you have towards future generation and to society. The meter is highly accurate for residential applications. This meter is compatible with LOT and is protected with IP-68

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Many Research’s have proven that water consumption drops upto 35% after start metering

Pay for Exact amount of money to the the exact volume of water you use


Reduction in Water Usage 0%
Reduction in Electricity Costs 0%
Satisfied Customers 0%